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What Senior Care Does for Your Loved One

Jan 31, 2017 by Michael Craig

Senior Care is More than Medicine

As we grow older, we may find ourselves in need of things that we haven’t needed since we were very young. We may need extra care, more attention, and different medications. Growing older is a privilege denied to many, and senior citizens deserve the best care available. When you aren’t able to give your loved one the care that they deserve, consider hiring a professional caregiver. What you’ll pay for is someone who is around to assist your loved one, but what you will get is so much more.

Dressing and Bathing

Many older people have a difficult time getting in and out of bed, and can have trouble getting to or using the bathroom. If your loved one has issues with anything like this, you have options. You can assist them yourself, absolutely. You may feel that your loved one is your responsibility, and that you are the only one that needs to care for them. While this is admirable, it’s not necessary. Senior caregivers give your loved one the attention that they need in the morning. If your loved one needs assistance with the toilet, but not with the shower, their caregiver won’t force them to take assistance - the point of hiring a person to care for your loved one is to ensure that they have the extra care that they need, not the extra care you think that they want. The caregiver will respect your loved one’s privacy and autonomy if they feel they can handle themselves.

Cooking and Cleaning

While caregivers aren’t normally five-star chefs, it is not unusual for a senior caregiver to help loved ones with their cooking and cleaning. This is especially helpful if your loved one needs to be on a special diet. Your loved one’s caregiver can give them plenty of healthy food, and remind them to take their vitamins, and other medications so that they will have plenty of energy during the day. After cooking together, your loved one’s caregiver can assist with cleaning up after. The multitude of chores around the house may be addressed, in part, by a caregiver. Many caregivers spend time washing and folding laundry, and making sure that pets are let out to use the bathroom.

Shopping and Errands

One of the biggest benefits to having a senior caregiver is the caregiver’s ability to transport your loved one to and from different places. A senior caregiver could drop off your loved one to spend time with a friend while they run errands, and go grocery shopping. Your loved one can make sure that their business is taken care of while spending time with friends and family, and remaining connected to their community when they choose in-home caregiving.

Walking and Hobbies

Exercise of various levels of vigour is extremely important to the health of any able-bodied senior. Exercise not only stretches and works muscles, but gets the heart pumping blood all over the body, delivering nutrients to the brain and other vital organs. Walking, even at a stroll, is good exercise for a senior loved one, and an in-home caregiver can make this a reality for your loved one. If your loved one has a hobby, they will be able to get all they can out of it with someone around that cares about their overall health, and the enjoyment they garner from their puzzle.

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