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Keeping Senior Care Manageable

Jun 15, 2017 by Michael Craig

Managing Senior Care

When a loved one in your life reaches senior status, it’s possible they might need more attention and care than they did in past years. When it comes to senior care, you want to make sure your loved one has everything they need. Chances are, you have a job and a family of your own to care for as well. How do you manage it all? Use these tips to manage senior care for your loved one without falling behind in other areas of your life.


While you’d like to do as much in terms of senior care yourself as you can, you might need to ask for help from other family members, friends, or neighbors. Perhaps at first, all your loved one really needs is someone to check in on them from time to time. They get lonely and you don’t want them to have to suffer in that way. If you can’t visit often enough, see if another family member can stop by or ask a neighbor to go visit. You can also hire companion care from a caregiver if that works better for you. Delegating ensures that senior care is covered, but that you don’t have to shoulder all of the burdens.

Ask For Needs

Before you take over and assume your loved one needs and wants senior care, it would be wise of you to ask them what they want and need in terms of extra help and care. They may realize they shouldn’t be driving and they may ask for transportation to appointments and the store. They may not want someone to come into their home at first, but as they start to lack abilities as time goes by, that could be added to the list. Having their collaboration with the efforts in regards to senior care can help ease the tension in the tough situation.

Get Help

If you don’t have a lot of family members around, or if the senior care is more involved than any of you can handle, getting professional help isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it could be the best for everyone all the way around. You might just need respite care from time to time if you are the main caregiver for your loved one. There’s no shame in needing a break. Actually, you deserve it and your health and mental well being need it. If you are not able to be the main caregiver for your loved one, you may need to hire someone to do some in-home senior care tasks. Your loved one may need help bathing, for example, or with meal preparation. When you hire someone else to take care of these everyday tasks, you are able to simply enjoy quality time with your loved one when you visit. It can save both of you some embarrassment as well and you can simply chat, play games, and enjoy each other’s company. While there are plenty of ways to manage senior care, you should never feel like you have to do everything on your own when there is help available.

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