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Understanding the Different Types of Senior Care

Jan 15, 2018 by Michael Craig

Senior Care: The Variety Of Services Offered

When you have an aging loved one in your family, you understand that they are an individual and there’s no one else like them in the world. They are special to you and they should be treated as such by anyone that helps you care for them. Because they are unique, in both their personality and their needs, there are a variety of senior care services offered by professionals in order to meet their specific needs. When you begin to consider senior care options, here are just a few of the services you could have to help with caring for your loved one.


In-Home Care

If your loved one wants to stay in their home, but there are some things that are starting to slip, in-home care is a great option. In-home care can be customized to include as much or as little as they need. It can start with light housekeeping and some cooking and move into more hours and more time later if need be.


In-Home Companionship

Some seniors get along pretty well on their own, but spending a lot of time alone is hard for anyone. Even if you visit as much as you can, the reality is, your loved one is alone a lot. An in-home companion can stop by for scheduled visits. They can play cards, chat, do crafts with your loved one, or spend time in other ways simply keeping them company.


Personal Care Services

There are some things your loved one may be embarrassed about as they age. It might be harder for them to bathe, comb their hair, and take care of other personal things. It’s hard to ask for help on such things and it’s even harder to accept help from a family member. But getting the care they need from a caregiver gets them what they need without as much embarrassment.


Transportation Services

Seniors often have a lot of appointments and they also have to get to the grocery store and around town for other things. It can be hard to arrange for rides once they can no longer drive, but senior care transportation services can take care of that for them and for you.


Respite Care

Even if you want to take care of your loved one most of the time, you’re going to need breaks every now and then. Respite care can get you the hour, day, or weekend off that you need to take a breather from the situation.


Dementia Care

It’s hard to see a loved one go through dementia and it’s even harder to deal with the situation if you are inexperienced. Sometimes, the best you can do is get senior care for your loved one from a caregiver with expertise in the dementia area.


Customize Care

There are a variety of other options available and you can pick and choose between them as you see fit. Contact Comfort Keepers for a consultation so together, we can come up with a plan that suits your family needs.


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