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Elderly Care | Preventing Depression in Seniors

Feb 15, 2018 by Michael Craig

Allow Seniors A High Quality Of Life Free From Depression With Elderly Care

There’s something to be said about the quality of life when you reach a certain age. If you have an aging loved one in your life, you want them to have happy-filled days as often as possible. There is only so much time you can spend with them and so much you can do to help them through their long days. That’s where elderly care comes in to help. But as someone who loves them it is a good idea to be a big part of their care as well. Watch for signs of depression so you can help turn things around as fast as possible.


Signs Of Depression in The Elderly

If you see any of these signs in your loved one, you will want to consider that they might be depressed. It’s hard to see them that way, but you want to understand that it’s better to address the issue than to continue on with a lower quality of life. They might display a number of symptoms.


Sadness Or Despair

You know your loved one well and if you notice they have changed in their temperament and seem sad, they might be depressed.


Aches And Pains

Of course, anyone who is aging is going to have aches and pains, but if they have more than usual and there don’t seem to be explanations, it could be depression.


Loss Of Interest

If your loved one used to love going on walks or reading, but they no longer show an interest in socializing or their hobbies, there might be a problem.


Weight Loss

Weight loss happens as you age at times, but if they don’t seem to even want to eat and are losing weight because of their lack of appetite, depression may be in play.


Lack Of Energy

You know what your loved one can usually do and if they don’t seem to have the energy for it any longer and there’s no medical cause, check on depression.


Sleep Issues

If your loved one can’t fall asleep or can’t stay asleep or if they are sleeping too much, depression can cause all sorts of sleep issues.


Causes Of Depression That Demand Elderly Care

There are any number of things that can cause depression. It doesn’t generally just sneak up on an elderly person for no reason. If any of these things are happening, depression could settle in.


Health Problems

If your loved one is ill, has chronic pain, is seeing a cognitive decline, or has been diagnosed with something grim, depression is likely.


Loneliness And Isolation

Elderly individuals who live alone can see their friends dying and feel lost and alone in their isolated situation.



If loves ones, friends, pets, spouses and others pass away around your loved one, they could go into a depression because of their grief.


Get Elderly Care For Depression

There are any number of other signs, causes, and symptoms of depression in elderly individuals and if you suspect it might be settling into your loved one, get elderly care options to stay ahead of the ailment. Comfort Keepers can provide your loved one with as little as a companion and as much as 24 hour care, depending on what you need. Let’s get together and formulate an individualized plan to meet your loved one’s needs.


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