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Senior Care For The Cooler Months

Oct 15, 2018 by Michael Craig

Keep Seniors Warm All Fall And Winter Long

Once the summer fades away and the cooler weather shows up, it’s nice to enjoy the temperatures for a bit. However, the drop in temperature can dip fast and turn too cold or seniors to enjoy any longer. Once the cold settles in, loved ones may have to stay inside and entertain themselves in other ways. You will want them to continue a high quality of life, even in the rainy, cold times. Here are a few ideas to help your senior remain as happy and healthy as possible, even when the weather chill hits.

Set Up A Companion Schedule

You may not have time to visit your loved one every day, but you certainly know other people who can help you out with the process. Set up a schedule where every other day or so, someone your loved one knows and enjoys will visit them. That could mean a neighbor, another family member, a friend, a grandchild, or someone else. Have them bring games to play or crafts to do so they can enjoy their time together.

Consider Warm Entertainment

Does your senior like to see movies? You can take them to a theater for a warm bowl of popcorn and some time together enjoying the latest flick. You could also go to a mall and take a stroll around, window shopping and talking about the upcoming holidays. Anything inside that isn’t too hard to get to is a good idea to get your senior out and keep them from feeling too closed in at home.

Set Them Up With Hobbies

What does your senior like to do? Make sure they are stocked up with a variety of things that could help entertain them during the long, cold hours. You could get them a few adult coloring books and sit and color with them. Get a few craft projects together they might enjoy or ask them to help you make gifts by painting pottery or something else. Hours can be long and lonely, but with plenty of activities to get through, seniors will be much happier.

Set Up Audio Books

Some seniors love to read and if that’s the case, keep them stocked with plenty of books from the library. If your senior’s eyes get tired or they can’t see well enough to read, check out audiobooks from the library and download them to a device you can leave with your loved one. It’s easy enough for them to click on a button and start or pause a book. They can pass a few hours with a good tale and feel more well-read at the same time.

Consider Senior Care in Cold Months

While these are all a good start for entertaining your loved one through the colder months, you might also need help from senior care professionals. If you want your loved one to have a sure-fire companion, or help cooking or running errands, consider hiring a caregiver to fill in some of the gaps during the colder time of the year.


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